A reminder to all that after each flight it is the member's responsibility to:

post flight cleanup frame

  • Check the plane back in on FlightCircle
  • Post engine-shutdown complete: including turning off electrical equipment and the master switches
  • Clean the leading edges of the airplane to remove bugs
  • Remove trash from the airplane
  • Install gust locks and pitot covers
  • Install sunscreens
  • Ensure that the aircraft is secured with tie-down chains or wheel chocks
  • Post flight walkaround to inspect for any new problems
  • Squawk any problems you find
  • Personal items removed
  • Key returned to the keybox

We have a new cleaner (Aero Wash) and new blue towels (thanks Matt!) for wiping down the leading edges of the plane. 

Cleaning the leading edges, struts, and front of the cowl while the bugs are wet prevents bugs from drying into the paint and damaging the aircraft.  
Aero Wash Wax All is a biodegradable waterless wash and wax in one developed 30 years ago for aircraft . It is designed for use on all aircraft surfaces including acrylic plastic aircraft windows.  Simply spray on and wipe dry, leaves an anti-static, non-stick UV protective coating on all surfaces.
We have spray bottles in all planes that are online. If the bottle is close to empty please refill it with the gallon jugs  and funnel located in the key room and in the Archer hangar.
Best method - walk around the plane spraying and wiping the leading edges as you go, make a second pass if you need to. The cleaner is safe on the acrylic windows: it is best to use an up and down motion on them. Be sure to catch the stabiliator, front cowling, propeller, Cessna struts. Basically anything you are staring at from the front of the plane is where the bugs will catch. Wash-wax All is also safe to use on our leather and vinyl seats.
We also have new blue cleaning towels provided by member Matt Cotherman.  Please use the old red towels for checking oil and cleaning greasy and dirty areas and the new blue towels for bugs on the paint and windows.  When you are done with a blue rags, put them in the keyroom and make sure the plane has enough cleaner in its bottle and rags for the next person.