Our planes need special care and attention when the temperatures start heading below 40 degrees. When the temperature is below freezing the club requires members to preheat the engines before starting them. When the temperature is below 20 degrees these engines can suffer significant damage without properly pre-heating the engine components and the oil. We have put together a presentation with information on our policies and procedures if you plan to be flying in cold weather, please review it and contact an instructor or a club officer if you have any questions. We encourage any member who does not fly frequently or is not familiar with operations during cold weather to please get with your instructor for a refresher session.

Here is the presentation for cold weather procedures: https://texinsflyingclub.box.com/s/kowycswl2n0w5153wp2htl2lob4ejsb7

Please note we also have a short instructional video and information on using the engine warmer in N4135W. Please follow this link for more information: Archer N4135W pre-heat instructions