Reserving  A Plane

Aircraft scheduling is done through the Flight Circle reservation system at After logging into the Flight Circle site use the calendar to select the day of your planned reservation. Choose your aircraft and cilck the time of the reservation. In the form that appears enter the start and end times for your planned reservation. If desired or required you can also schedule an instructor. You may provide the planned destination and route and expected flight rules or any other notes related to your flight in the form. Then click "Save".

Note that 


The scheduling system will check your requested reservation against the rules and policies we have implemented and you may see a pop-up notification indicating there is some problem with schedule restrictions. At this point you may need to resolve the conflict by entering your pilot information or requesting that your instructor update your checkout information. If you are not current (either by the FAA or by the club's annual checkout policy) you will need to resolve that problem before you can schedule your reservation.

You can watch this instructional video on how to review and update your pilot information if you are unfamiliar with the process or need help navigating the Flight Circle application.

After your successfully schedule your reservation you should see it listed on the scheduling calendar. You will receive notifications via email when your reservation approaches.

Some things to remember are:
 You will not be able to schedule a reservation if our records indicate:

  • your medical has expired
  • you have not been checked out on the airplane by a TFC instructor
  • your yearly club check-out has expired
  • your bi-annual FAA check-out has expired
  • your financial account with the club has more than $30 outstanding with no available credit card.