Club Policies

Content covering the operating rules and policies of the club

Our club was formed over 50 years ago. We have gone through some considerable changes since our start. As a social flying club we want to provide fun and affordable access to general aviation to all our members and bring the benefits of GA to our communities as well. In order for our club to run smoothly and remain financially viable, we operate under a constitution and a set of by-laws and regulations. Each member agrees to abide by these rules to remain a member in good standing.

For your convenience we have linked the latest version of the TFC Operating and Flying Regulations as well as the club Constitution and By-laws. These documents are maintained by the club and hosted on our box account. You can find the latest version of the TFC Regulations here All members are expected to be familiar with these policies and regulations.

A few points in particular we want to make sure we have communicated clearly and frequently: