A big thanks to Scott Kirkland and Gary Cooper for coordinating our club fly-out event to Mt Pleasant (KOSA) to visit the Mid-America Flight Museum on Saturday May 7, 2022. 

In all we had 27 members and guests and 10 airplanes (including all of the club planes) out there. 


Just take a look at this collection of club planes and planes owned by club members heading over there:

flight aware flight lists kosaflightline full of tfc

280356187 10224161401176894 8875645837928911733 n

We had the airspace between KOSA and KTKI pretty well lit up. So much so that on the return trip when the 6th plane called up Ft Worth Center, the controller said, "Let me guess ... you're off of Mt Pleasant heading to McKinney?"

Members and guests enjoyed the cool looking planes, vehicles, and art at the museum.

old throttle quadrant planes mafm 1
harley trainer biplane seaplane
Some of the aviation artifacts at MAFM - photos credit Amanda Xiang

 After the visit members took a break and swapped stories. Here we can see some of the advantages to having a nice high-wing Cessna: shade!

all welcome under the high wing



After the visit everyone flew back to McKinney where some interesting weather had developed making for some challenging planning. By all accounts everyone had a great time and we hope to do more of these club outings in the future.