Let's face it, these planes in our club get a lot of use and they tend to get a bit grimy from time to time. This past weekend a group of club members got together to give a couple of the planes a good washing. Many thanks to Gary Cooper, Bill Moore, Larry Calton, Chris Schreiner and Allison, and Yan Xiao. The team was able to get N6833C and N733NB cleaned up. It takes a bit of hard work to get the belly of the plane all cleaned up. But it looks like the crew had the right equipment.

N6833C cleanup 20220506 3

33C Looking Sharp

photos credit - Scott Kirkland

N6833C cleanup 20220506 2

Cleaning Front to Back

N6833C cleanup 20220506

Messy work underneath


Both planes were cleaned up ahead of the club fly-out activity to KOSA. All that hard work paid off the next day with this pretty shot of 33C

N6833C overhead 20220506
33C showing off her colors - photo credit Brian Uretsky


Are you interested in helping wash a plane? You can schedule the plane and talk to the FBO desk to charge the wash area time to the club. You'll taxi over to the wash area but don't dispatch the plane, just tell Bill Moore the in and out times. Gary Cooper has kindly provide supplies in the club hangar, you'll mix the fleet wash product according to directions. Some important tips:

  • cover the static and pitot ports
  • Do not spray the brake areas
  • Probably want to bring your own sprayer for the hose
  • Clean up the wash area when finished
  • The belly needs a special process and a wheeled creeper really helps for getting underneath
  • Only use approved product for acrylic windows - never glass cleaner.

Gary is happy to help anytime, just call him up and he can show you how it is done. Thanks everyone!