cessna 172

Who we are

The Texins Flying Club is a social club of pilots, students, and instructors, united by their love of aviation. The club’s purpose is to encourage interest in aviation, to advance the knowledge of the members in aeronautical and navigational subjects, and to bring to more people the social benefits and pleasure of flying. The club is based out of McKinney National Airport (KTKI) in McKinney, Texas

What we do

The club supports its members and its mission in a number of ways:

  • Members have access to a fleet of well-maintained general aviation aircraft from small trainers to high-performance and complex cross country planes.
  • Our club is proud to have some very experienced and passionate certified flight instructors to help members achieve their aviation goals. Our instructors have successfully guided many members to their goals from private pilot to commercial ratings.
  • Our club board of directors is continuously working to align the club’s policies and assets with the needs of its members. The board actively manages the finances of the club to ensure the planes are well-maintained, affordable, and available to the members.
  • Aircraft scheduling and availability is managed through our on-line scheduling website. Members can make and view reservations or cancel reservations. Our squawk system lets members communicate big or small problems to the maintenance team to keep our planes flying.
  • TFC sponsors safety seminars as well as providing safety related programs at membership meetings. Guest speakers at membership meetings have included presentation on topics of interest from AOPA, industry providers like ForeFlight, Flight Service, and club members.
  • TFC social activities include club picnics, monthly happy hours, as well as informal events like fly-ins and fly-outs.

The best pilots are pilots who are always learning and staying current. Our club provides affordable access to planes and an environment where questions are encouraged and aviation experiences can be shared. We love to help foster a community of pilots who can learn from each other and have fun pursuing their passion.