Manolo Centeno
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Miscellaneous Information:
By now, you may have realized that I am as crazy about aviation as you are! Since I was a kid, I wanted to fly.  While I took the long road by working in aviation instead of flying initially, I never let my dream fly away and eventually became a pilot (thanks to one of the TFC instructors).
I can now take my deep understanding of the aviation industry that goes beyond flight operations and apply it to instructing you while you achieve your childhood (or adult) dream of becoming a certified pilot.

My objective is to make you the best and safest pilot you can be.  You might think that my teaching gets deep sometimes, but I want you to become a professional pilot even if you are not considering going to the airlines. Safety, for me, is essential. Flying safely will benefit you and those who will be flying with you. That is my ultimate obligation to you as a flight instructor.