Texins Flying Club Aircraft Information

The Texins Flying Club offers a varied collection of planes to its members to support different needs. We currently have a collection of Cessna and Piper aircraft, most of which are IFR certified and equipped with advanced avionics for modern navigation and needs. Our planes our maintained to the highest standards with regular oil analysis and 100 hour inspections.

The planes have different checkout requirements and restrictions as noted in the links to the individual planes. You will also find links to the avionics manuals and the POH and STC updates in the links for each plane. The TFC has developed custom checklist sheets with multiple reviews against the POH procedures for your convenience, please take a look at them and familiarize yourself with the items on the list.

Our planes are rented "wet" (the rate includes fuel) using rates based on tach hour usage (2400 rpm * 1 hour = 1 tach hour). This is generally advantageous to the member doing pattern practice and training operations or to members doing cross country trips from busy airports. You won't be spending nearly as much money sitting at the hold line as your buddies renting by the Hobbs meter! Additionally if a member purchases fuel off-site we will reimburse the member at our reimbursement rate:
If you spend less than the reimbursement rate, you keep the change! If you have to spend more at a more expensive place, we'll still reimburse you at the standard rate, so it can pay to shop around for better fuel prices around your destination or upon return.

Note: The rates below are in effect as of June 1, 2022

Tail Number Type Rate
N3589L 1965 Cessna C-150F $130.00 / tach hour
N3QZ 1973 Skylane 182P $190.00 / tach hour
N4135W 1999 Piper PA-28-181 $162.00 / tach hour
N6833C 1965 Piper Cherokee PA28-180C $151.00 / tach hour
N733NB 1977 Cessna Skyhawk 172N $159.00 / tach hour
N737TY 1978 Cessna Skyhawk 172N $159.00 / tach hour
N7508J 1968 PiperArrow PA28-R180 $159.00 / tach hour