TFC Regulations

The current version of the TFC constitution, Bylaws, Flying Regulations and Operating Regulations can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the link provided. The current version is dated 20-April-2018.

Tax Exemption Form

View a copy of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form (Form 01-339).

Lease Back Opportunity

Want to lease us an aircraft?  We have written an agreement that is tailorable to suit the needs of the leaser and leasee.

Reserving  A Plane

Aircraft scheduling is done by clicking on the "Schedule Aircraft" title bar of the TFC website and entering your individual member number and password. Under "Flight Operations" click on "Aircraft Availability/Booking."  Select the Aircraft you wish to schedule  and click on "Go" to display the previously scheduled time slots.Click on the date you wish to schedule and then the times; "Submit" your request. Go back to schedule page and refresh the screen; your reservation should be visable!

Some things to remember are:

  1. Only 1 aircraft reservation is allowed to be scheduled beyond 10 days in the future.
  2. Designated trainer aircraft cannot be scheduled for overnight cross-country flights without prior approval of the Board.
  3. We may restrict your access to the scheduling system if our records indicate:
    1. you have not entered the membership information (including emergency contact info) and changed the password
    2. your medical has expired
    3. your yearly club check-out has expired
    4. your bi-annual FAA check-out has expired
    5. your financial account with the club is 60 days in arrears.

Changing / Cancelling A Reservation

  1. No shows are extremely frustrating to the rest of the membership. PLEASE cancel if you can't use the time you have scheduled. Club rules state the penalties for no shows, but if everyone is courteous we will not have to use them.
  2. If  you are grounded due to weather, cancel ASAP so that an IFR pilot may be able to use the aircraft.
  3. If weather or a maintenance problem keeps you from returning on time, call the Operations VP (or any Board member) so we can inform other members who might be affected.

Recording Your Time In The Aircraft Tach Log

  1. ALWAYS enter your NAME and TFC NUMBER. If you have a common last name include your first name and middle initial.
  2. Log the starting tach time BEFORE starting the engine. If a discrepency is noted follow the instructions for 'NO NAME IN TACH LOG'.
  3. When the flight is over fill in the hours flown field.
  4. Example:




    TFC Number










    Landon Gheer






    Ima Barnstormer






    Lou P. Deloupe











  1. Remember to start at the bottom of each page and fill the page going up. If you purchase fuel offsite,
    please record the gallons purchased in the squawks column and place the receipt in the box located
    in the key locker.

No Name In Tach Log

If the plane has been flown without an appropriate entry in the tach log, write an entry in the tach log with the starting and ending tach readings and write "no name in tach log" in the name/comment section.

  1. Mark your flight time in the tach log normally, as a separate entry.
  2. If the office is open, review the scheduling system for that airplane and attempt to call the member who forgot to record the tach time. Once resolved, go back to the airplane and enter the pilot's name and club number in the "no name" entry.
  3. If you cannot resolve who flew the plane, enter a "squawk report" on the scheduling system to report the discrepancy.

Aircraft Grounding Procedures

Never fly a grounded aircraft, this is common sense and also club rules. Only a TFC CFI or maintenance officer can unground an airplane. Always check the maintenece recorder to be sure of the status of your airplane.Anyone can ground an airplane, and you should not hesitate to do so if it fails any of the required pre-flight inspections or for any reason you see fit too.

Follow these procedures to ground an aircraft:

  1. Place the aircraft key on the grounded hook & grounded tag in place of key.
  2. Write grounded entry in tach log.
  3. Use the terminal at the airport and enter the grounding action on the scheduling system; system will automatically email Maintenance personnel.
  4. Attempt to telephone other members who have the airplane scheduled that day

Off Base Operations

  1. Keep the receipts from any fuel or oil you purchase while away from McKinney. Turn in the receipts (not a copy) to the treasurer by placing them in the box in the key locker.  Your account will be credited for the gallons of fuel purchased at the published rate (if you pay less than the published rate then you benefit from the savings).  Be sure to write your MEMBER NUMBER on the receipts.
  2. Tiedown fees, landing fees, deicing, engine preheat, ...etc, will not be credited. Only fuel & oil.
  3. If you are away from home and there is a maintenance problem which prevents you from returning home, you may spend up to $200 to get the plane repaired, and you will be reimbursed. Any maintenance above $200 MUST be approved by the club FIRST. A list of phone numbers for approvals is provided with each tach log