How To Join The Texins Flying Club

The Texins Flying Club is a non-profit flying club based at McKinney National Airport.  Our purpose is to encourage an interest in aviation, to advance the knowledge of our members in aeronautical and navigational subjects, and to bring more people the social benefits and pleasure of flying.  Since our beginning in 1966, the Texins Flying Club has been dedicated to making recreational flying safe, affordable, and fun in the DFW area.

Currently our club is open to any general aviation pilot or someone interested in learning fly.  We have Certified Flight Instructors who are members of the flying club that offer both initial and recurrent training for all ratings from Private through Airline Transport Pilot.

Benefits to Membership:

  • Access to a variety of aircraft
  • Economical way of Flying
  • Covered under club’s insurance policy
  • Well maintained, clean and equipped aircraft
  • Contact with other pilots and flying enthusiasts.
  • Online Scheduling for Members

An additional resource to help you decide if the Texins Flying Club is right for you is to attend one of our membership meetings. We hold these monthly and guests are always welcome.  Membership meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month in the upstairs conference room at McKinney Air Center and starts at 9:30 AM.  If you have other questions about our club, please give us a call at 469-630-1660.

Membership Fees

  • There is a onetime initiation fee of $180 for all new members.  For immediate family members, of current or new members, that wish to join the club the initiation fee is $90.
  • Monthly each member is required to pay a membership fee of $60 and immediate family members in the club will pay $30.  These fees will be billed for the month along with the monthly rental fees.  When joining be aware that we do NOT prorate dues based on the day of the month.

How to Join…

Just a few simple steps and we’ll have you in the air…

Step 1 – Complete application

    Before you fill out the member application we ask that you review the club’s regulations, to ensure that you understand what is expected of new members.

    Download a New Member Application Packet which will have three forms for you to fill out and return to us via US Mail.  Once you have these forms filled out please send them to the following address:

    Texins Flying Club
    P.O. Box 831311
    Richardson, TX  75083-1311

    *** Currently we do NOT have a way for you to submit these forms online that is
    secure, so please do not email them.  We take protecting your financial
    information very seriously.  ***

Step 2 – We will Process your Application

    Once we receive your application we will process it along with your initiation fee, which will be charged to your credit card.  After your account is setup you will receive an email from our Membership VP with information on how to logon to our website to schedule aircraft.  This process can take a week to week and a half depending on the US mail.

Step 3 – Choose an instructor

    On the club’s website we have a list of approved instructors from which you can choose for flight instruction or just for a check out if you already have your pilot’s certificate.  If you need assistance with choosing an instructor contact our Chief Flight Instructor and he will be able to answer your questions.