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Wind Chill Chart

Wind chill temperature is defined as that temperature in calm air which  provides the same chilling effect on a person as that for a particular  combination of temperature and wind. The chart below allows you to  estimate the wind chill temperature for a variety of temperature and wind  speeds. For example, if the temperature is 35 F and wind speed 15 mph do  the following: 1) find 35 F on the top row, 2) read down to the row with  15 mph, and 3) read the number in the intersection. In this example, the  figure is 25 F.

The importance of the wind chill index is as an indicator of how to  dress properly for winter weather. Wind chill does not affect your car's  antifreeze protection, freezing of water pipes, etc. In dressing for cold  weather an important factor to remember is that entrapped insulating air  warmed by body heat is the best protection against the cold. Consequently,  wear loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing in several layers. Outer  garments should be tightly-woven, water-repellant and hooded. Mittens snug  at the wrist are better protection than fingered gloves.

Wind speeds greater than 40 mph have little additional effect on  chilling. In using the table below, values of wind chill below -10 F are  considered bitterly cold. Values of wind chill below -20 F are extremely  cold -- human flesh will begin to freeze within one minute! ChillFactor

If you would like to calculate the wind chill index for combinations of  temperature and wind other than those given in the table above, you can  use the formula:

WC = 91.4 - (0.474677 - 0.020425 * V + 0.303107 *  SQRT(V)) * (91.4 - T)


WC = wind chill index
V = wind speed (mph)
T =  temperature ( F)

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