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The Texins Flying Club is a not for profit flying club specializing in Private, Commercial & Instrument Airplane flight training in McKinney, TX.  We are located in the northern sections of the Dallas and Mid Cities area.


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Jan 9th Club Meeting

Are you prepared for winter weather? It's been very mild so far, but bone-chilling winds, snow, ice and other nasty winter surprises are not only possible but likely in North Texas. Look closely at the picture. That is N3638K hiding under a winter coat. Keith Gutierrez offered his updated presentation on Winter Weather Flying Tips on Saturday Jan 9 at 9:30 am at the club meeting.

He presented some new lingo and gave us a tip or two on dealing with cold weather and frigid airplanes. Winter isn't all bad and you can be rewarded with outstanding aircraft performance and cobalt blue skies with 100 mile visibility - if you are ready. Keith has about 2000 hours plus a multiengine instrument rating and flys a variety of piston powered aircraft. He got his license at Texins Flying Club in 1974.

Don't Look Now But...

We have been given the opportunity to put this C182 beauty in the club.  The owner is a CFI living in the area but he is too busy to fly it much.   A new Garmin 530 is scheduled to be installed soon.  It is IFR equipped with King Avionics and is on the North ramp in tie-down #22. The club is still negotiating the terms of the lease but we are hopeful it will be available in early February.



Latest Newsletter



The January Newsletter is ready for viewing. Read about the club meetings, the latest club news, and some cool aviation resources.

TFC Store

Robert McLeod has worked up a great looking Store on Cafe Press. Check out the offerings and wear them when you come to the airport.

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Wings Manual

Check out this manual for the Wings Program.

WINGS is a preferred way to complete the requirements of the BFR and is urged by the Chief Flight Instructor of the Texins Flying Club. 


What is it and why?    more.....


The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continue to monitor reports on potential terrorist threats in the United States. While there is no specific or credible intelligence that al-Qa'ida or its affiliates are plotting attacks in the United States to coincide with the ten year anniversary of 9/11 , we remain at a heightened state of vigilance and security measures are in place to detect and prevent plots against the United States should they emerge. Read the entire text of this message at this link

Learn To Fly

 Wet Rates and Reimbursements

Schedule a Discovery Flight

TFC provides "discovery" flights to anyone interested in flying. For only $99.00 we'll put you in the left seat with a certified flight instructor and let you fly the airplane. WHAT BETTER WAY TO DECIDE IF FLYING IS FOR YOU? Contact our chief flight instructor to take advantage of this offer.  You can pay by check or by using paypal_logo.

Tail No.

Make Model (info)



C-150  1975 Commuter




C-150  1976 Commuter




C-172N  1978 Skyhawk




C-172N-180  1977 SuprHawk




PA28-180R  1968 PiperArrow




Our aircraft flight fees are WET TACH time, which means fuel is included and time is measured on engine use, not wall clock time. Non-instructional flights have an additional 8.25% sales tax. More information...

If your credit card is not current, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form included in the New Member Application Packet. All members both new and old need to have a copy of this Packet  completely fill out, signed & dated and sent to the address shown on the Credit Card Authorization form.

Reimbursement Rate

$4.12 / gallon

effective as of

If you refuel an aircraft on a trip and spend less than this on 100LL, we pass the savings on to you!

Things to Consider

TFC Pilot Acknowledgments & Events

Membership meetings:

Held the second Saturday of every month at the McKinney Airport (upper level conferance room) at 9:30 AM. Board meetings are on the preceding Wednesday each month at 6:30 PM and are held at the Airport in the upstairs conference room. Both are open to the public.

 Directions  to
Collin Country Regional Airport

Welcome Newest Members!

Lynda Airey

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Yancy Zaire Green

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Member News & Notes





Wnechao Qu   10/08/2015  Private Pilot  Dinu Catona
Jimmy Jose    10/30/2015  CFI-A  Dinu Catona
Jeff Thomas  10/19/2015  Instrument Airplane  Hank Eilts

 Upcoming Event(s)

Date Planned Program



 Safer Skies Through Education 

"Convective Weather for Pilots Part 1"
Topic: Convective Weather Factors
On Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 09:30 Central Standard Time
Location: Collin County Community College, 4800 Preston Park Blvd.,  Plano, TX 75093

Select Number:  SW1966489

Description:  Much of what pilots are taught about convective weather is incomplete, and in some cases incorrect.  This course covers convective and severe weather, and material many pilots are not familiar with. This material will give pilots additional insight into the probability and likely severity of weather and how to avoid convective weather surprises.  Part 1 covers convective weather factors and what causes it to become severe. Part 2 will cover convective weather products and obtaining better weather briefings. There is a fee for this class, contact Collin College at 972-985-3711 for registration information.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

The sponsor for this seminar is: North Texas FSDO - SW19

The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) is committed to providing equal access to this meeting/event for all participants. If you need alternative formats or services because of a disability, please communicate your request as soon as possible with the person in the 'Contact Information' area of the meeting/event notice. Note that two weeks is usually required to arrange services.

The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:

  • Master Knowledge 1 - 1 Credit
  • Basic Knowledge 1 - Credit
  • Basic Knowledge 3 - Credit

Click here to view the WINGS help page 




  Safer Skies Through Education

"Unusual Approaches-Encore Presentation"
Topic: Learn how to interpret unusual approaches and how plan for and navigate them successfully.
On Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 16:00 Mountain Standard Time (15:00 PST, 17:00 CST, 18:00 EST, 13:00 HST, 14:00 AKST, 16:00 AZST, 23:00 GMT)

Select Number: CE0967062

Description: The term "unusual approaches" conjures up images of Aspen, CO; Bozeman, MT; Jackson Hole, WY; and just about every airport in Alaska. But unusual approaches are just as common in places like Baltimore, Boston and New York. They're everywhere, and they can turn a standard approach into a head scratcher at the most inopportune time. In our Unusual Approaches webinar, we'll talk about the terrain, obstacles and airspace designs that turn standard approaches into the unusual. We'll show you how to break down several unusual approaches, the keys to planning and navigating them successfully, and give you the kind of confidence that will make a straight-in approach to 200 and seem, well, mind-numbing. This is a live encore (including Q&A) of our popular 2015 presentation!

To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

The sponsor for this seminar is: FAASTeam

The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:  Basic Knowledge 3 - 1 Credit

Click here to view the WINGS help page


TFC Base:  McKinney National  Airport, McKinney, Texas

Radio Frequencies:

  • Tower: 118.825
  • Ground: 121.875
  • Clearance Delivery (when ATCT closed): 121.35 ASOS: 119.925 (telephone  972-548-8525)
  • Unicom: 122.95

Approach and Navigation Facilities:

  • Regional Approach: 124.3
  • Fort Worth FSS (FTW) 1-800-WX-Brief
  • ILS w/DME RWY 18: 109.35 (COM FLUET)
  • VOR w/DME 116.2 (CVE)
  • NDB (COM) 421 (VLY)
  • RTR-O (only after hours): 121.35 (delete) Outer Marker: 421
  • VASI: RWY 36
  • PAPI: RWY 18
  • MALSR: RWY 18

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